With maintenance facilities located in Woodstock, ON, Cardinal, ON, Perth, ON, Norwood, ON, and Bedford, QC, we have structured our operations to always meet our customer’s needs while ensuring our equipment is maintained to the highest standard. Our Woodstock shop is open 24 hours a day with 7 bays. Also located in Woodstock is an internal trailer wash bay, designed for non-hazmat interior tank cleaning, along with 2 external wash bays.  With decades of bulk tank experience, we understand the importance of product integrity and have a reputation of delivering impurity free products.  

Our Cardinal, ON shop is open from 7am-11pm daily Monday to Friday. An internal wash bay is also located in Cardinal.

Employing tractor and trailer mechanics on all shifts we are always prepared to perform the next service or take the next repair. Image is very important to us, and our shop does a large part to help maintain that image.