Liquid Chemical

Over the Road

With the acquisition of a long haul liquid chemical division in 2006, Contrans Tank Group has since grown to be one of the top companies in the liquid chemical transportation industry. Hauling various liquid chemicals, including petro chemicals, hazardous materials, and liquid waste throughout North America, we are committed to superior customer service while operating with utmost regard for safety to both the public and environment. With experienced operators and a dedicated operations team, our large fleet of tandem, multi axle, and compartment trailers, is well positioned to service all of our customers’ needs.

Dedicated Acid Division

Dedicated Acid Trucks

Hauling throughout Ontario, Quebec and United States, Contrans Tank Group has a dedicated Acid division. Comprised of all 412 spec tandem and multi axle tankers, and operating with New York F1 divisible load permits, we are set up to service our customer’s needs and are prepared to take on any new available acid work.